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    Send a message of support to our staff

    Giving birth should be a joyful experience. But every day, women in Ghana go into labour without skilled help, not knowing if they and their babies will survive the experience Our Birth in Safe Hands Project is a tried and tested programme, which has...
  • A day in the life of...

    ...Cholera response volunteer Saidu Turay in Sierra Leone

    It’s October 2012 and we are with a cholera response volunteer, trained and supported by Oxfam, in Sierra Leone. Last year, the country faced the largest cholera outbreak in over 40 years. More than 20,000 cases of cholera were reported. Saidu Turay...
  • Did you know?

    ...that Oxfam is using worms to save lives?

    In emergencies, sanitation is life saving . Toilets are vital to prevent the spread of diseases such as diarrhoea. Oxfam is a world leading expert in emergency sanitation and recently we have been working with the Centre for Alternative Technology to...
  • How to make more happen: top fundraising tip of the week

    Christmas wrapping

    The Christmas holidays will soon be here, which means a great opportunity to raise money and change lives . Set up your own Christmas wrapping stall in a busy shopping centre and offer to wrap people’s Christmas present for a small donation to Oxfam...
  • Did you know?

    ...You could Join the Community Fundraising Team!

    The Community Fundraising Team need you! We are looking for 12 enthusiastic individuals to help support and grow fundraising activity in their area. As an integral member of the fundraising team, you will have a varied role - including anything from supporting...
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