Looking for Performers Crouch End North London


    We have an all day event booked in for 6th February 2016 in Crouch End raising money for Oxfam.  We're looking for performers, particularly based locally, but would love to hear from everyone.




  • Hi Steve,

    I am a singer-songwriter currently residing just down the road in Archway - I would love to get invovled!

    Please check out my music via: www.youtube.com/phoebekatismusic, and www.soundcloud.com/phoebe-katis

    I am currently recording my debut album in The Crypt Studio, on Crouch Hill, so I know Crouch End well!

    Many thanks,


  • Forgot to say - best way to get in touch: phoebe@katis.co.uk



  • Hi

    I'm a swedish singer who would love to play at your event. I live in Finsbury Park which is kinda local? :)

    My music is here:




  • Hi Steve,

    I am an upcoming singer/rapper unfortunately I don't have any material online however I have performed at various locations and would me more then happy to arrange an audition

  • Hi Steve

    I'm in a band with my 4 friends and at the minute we're just doing covers but if original songs are needed, they can be written and performed. We're from the North East but willing to travel down to London. Please email me at amylaw1005@gmail.com if you would like to hear any of our covers or need any more information.